On January 2020 we will be holding the second ever Irish Geosciences Early Career Symposium (iGEO2020).

This 2 day event at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG) aims to provide early career geoscientists with an opportunity to collaborate and benefit from the multidisciplinary nature of research across Ireland. iGEO2020 will enable early-career geoscientists (ECGs) to exchange knowledge on common methodologies and about their research with fellow ECGs, industry members and policy makers.

Who qualifies as an Early Career Geoscientist?
Typically, an early career geoscientist would be a PhD, Post Doc, or anyone with <5 years experience (i.e. working in industry, government, etc.). We realise that there are many exceptions to this definition, so we are leaving it up to YOU to determine if you are an early-career geoscientist.

iGEO2020 is open to ALL early-career geoscientists including those working in industry and governmental bodies. Additionally, senior researchers, industry experts and policy makers will be invited to attend specific sessions and workshops.

Join us in January for iGEO2020 event where you will participate in cutting-edge scientific debate and network directly with other early-career geoscientists, industry members and government officials from across Ireland.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Galway!

The iGEO2020 Committee

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