Recognising Stress, Managing Mindfulness and Nurturing Creativity

Workshop Outline

Part One – The Impact of Stress on Our Holistic Wellness
Stress is the world’s leading contributor to ill-health. This workshop provides a general overview of what stress looks and feels like for people in our hectic modern worlds, where constant deadlines, busy-ness and lack of personal time is the norm.
Learning outcomes:
Understand stress and the main causes of personal stress
Become able to identify our own personal stressors
Learn how to relieve stress and build a plan for managing our triggers

Part Two – Mindful or Mind Full?
Everyone’s talking about mindfulness. This workshop covers exactly what it is, how it can be integrated into our daily lives and the benefits for the working brain.
Key topics will include:
Why “mindlessness” or unconscious habitual behaviour delivers the same results over and over
How to develop a mindful approach personally and professionally
Formal and informal mindfulness strategies to integrate into everyday life at work and home

Part Three – Creativity for the Mind
Creativity is at the heart of innovation. Trying to constantly build on previous knowledge and make recommendations for further research can be exhausting and this can lead to us losing our spark. Let’s let our left brain relax for a while and indulge in some creative arts…which will in turn allow our left brain to work its magic.
Key topics will include:
Guided visualisation
Overcoming your fear of criticism and perfectionism
Exploring your natural creativity through play, music and art

Workshop Leader

Lorraine Lynch

Lorraine Lynch is a Junior Health Psychologist who specializes in the area of health promotion through mindfulness, choice theory and self-awareness. She is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland awardee, co-founder of Sugru Psychological Wellness Services and co-author of #100happydays4kids and Closing Saor’s Day. More recently, Lorraine has focused her work on delivering psychology education courses to professionals and those interested in personal development through group workshops and online CPD training courses via